Compare & Book Trusted Grease Haulers

Send requests and receive quotes from trusted local grease haulers.

We simplify grease management for busy restaurant owners

We’ve worked with countless restaurant owners who struggle to keep up with grease compliance deadlines – often resulting in avoidable fines. That’s why we created SwiftQuote. A free tool connecting restaurant owners with approved grease haulers. 


Complying with grease regulations should be simple, effortless, and affordable

We’ve spent the last six years working with restaurant owners to simplify grease management by combining the right tools with timely compliance updates.

Complete a quote request in less than 5 minutes

Send quote requests to all of the approved grease haulers in your area. Let us know what grease service you need, your location, and price range and we’ll send any offers that meet your requirements directly to your inbox.

Safeguard your business with the SwiftQuote service guarantee

Request quotes from providers who have been approved by your regulator. Compare quotes, profiles, and reviews, then hire the grease hauler that’s right for you.

Automatically send your compliance documents to your regulator after each service

SwiftQuote is integrated with your city’s compliance tracking system. So when you book a service on the app, your business will be automatically in compliance. Simply book your preferred grease hauler and leave the rest to us.

Features that will simplify your life

Create quote requests

Enter your requirements and local pros will bid on your service, providing a quote to complete your request.

Compare trusted haulers

Search pros in your area and select based on reviews, price and any other requirements.

Guarantee grease compliance

SwiftQuote integrates with participating municipalities and uploads compliance records to the city on your behalf.

Book from anywhere

Schedule single and recurring services via the SwiftQuote Web App through any device.

Receive timely notifications

Reminders are automatically sent directly to you and your supplier whenever a service is booked, canceled, or rescheduled.

Easily maintain your records

SwiftQuote stores your service history and gives you instant access to your records.

Protect your reputation with SwiftQuote

We make it easy to comply with local grease regulations and protect your staff, customers, and community. Sign up today to guarantee your compliance all year round.  

Take the guesswork out of grease compliance

Tell us about your grease equipment

Let us know about your grease trap, your location, price range and any other requirements. 

Connect with trusted grease haulers

Local pros will bid on your service providing a quote to complete your request. 

Hire your favorite

Compare quotes, profiles, and reviews, then hire the hauler that’s right for you.