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We work with city regulators to help food businesses manage their compliance. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for restaurants to connect with local grease haulers. That’s why we created SwiftQuote – an online tool connecting trusted suppliers with a steady stream of leads.

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Win more customers without sacrificing time in the field

We support grease haulers who are looking grow their business without increasing the amount of time spent on admin. 

Get access to a steady stream of local leads

Access a steady stream of qualified leads looking to connect with trusted haulers in their area. 

Build stronger relationships with your customers

Get a complete 360 view of your customer base with the SwiftQuote CRM. Manage customers and leads from one place and set yourself apart from the competition by providing a seamless experience every time.

Get paid faster with online payments

Add your banking information and start accepting online payments through Stripe.

Access free business tools

SwiftQuote makes it easy to take care of everything from scheduling appointments to processing payments.

Get qualified leads in your area

You’ll have full control over your online listing, the types of jobs you want to bid on and the location that you service.

Build relationships with your customers

Communicate at scale with highly engaged customers and schedule recurring service requests.

The full suite of features

Free marketing communications

Take advantage of our free digital marketing activities. We send regular communications to business owners in your area.

Send quotes for job requests

Get notified whenever a new service request comes up in your area and submit quotes in seconds.

Flexible billing

Take advantage of our free digital marketing activities. We send regular communications to business owners in your area.

Charge a cancellation fee

Charge a cancellation fee to protect your business from last-minute changes or cancellations.

Notifications via email

Reminders are automatically sent directly to you and the customer whenever a service is booked, canceled, or rescheduled.

Generate referrals and reviews

Your personalized SwiftQuote profile will help you get referrals, generate positive reviews, and request customer feedback.

Getting Started

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Access SwiftQuote from any application connected to the internet. Getting started is quick and easy. 

Build your profile

Stand out from the crowd by filling in your company's details.

Get leads

Start receiving quote requests from highly engaged customers in your area.

Join our network of trusted local suppliers

When you join SwiftQuote, you become a part of a trusted group of certified grease haulers. Cities regulating grease compliance with our software have built-in directories with trusted haulers listed on SwiftQuote.

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