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Frequently Asked Questions

What is backflow?

Under normal operation water flows from the City of Houston waterlines to the water customers. However, certain pressure variations in the public water supply can cause water to flow in the opposite direction. This reversal of flow direction is known as backflow.

How can backflow be prevented?

Installing an approved backflow prevention assembly and testing it regularly helps protect the water supply from the dangers of cross contamination. 

How does SwiftQuote help?

Local business owners can create quote requests for a backflow services. You can choose an individual service providers or select all the providers in their area. Providers are invited to offer quotes for work and can message you directly to understand the job specifics.

You can then select your preferred provider and schedule the service. Upon job completion, the provider uploads service details to SwiftQuote, and you can either pay online via credit card or offline directly to the provider.

What does it cost?

SwiftQuote is a free service for businesses. The only thing you pay for is your service booked through the platform. 

Are SwiftQuote pump-outs reported to my regulator?

Yes! When jobs are completed through SwiftQuote, the work order is automatically submitted to participating jurisdictions through SwiftComply’s compliance software.

Manage your backflow with confidence

We created a 101 guide to Backflow Prevention to help you protect your business. 

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